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Model Assessment of Potential and Barriers to the Development of Renewable Energy Communities at the National Level


Publication date
23 May 2023
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden


This Model Assessment is meant to be a tool to help national actors – mainly public authorities and civil society organisations – better assess potential for development of Renewable Energy Communities (RECs), as well as barriers that might hinder their growth.

It covers the following elements

  • A Manual – the manual is a document that summarizes the assessment process, and each of the different steps
  • A Checklist – the checklist is a document that contains leading questions that can help guide whoever is undertaking the assessment. These include both process questions, as well as issues to keep in mind for monitoring the development and implementation of enabling frameworks over time
  • The following steps – Each step is described in the Manual. However, the Model Assessment Tool also includes Background papers for each of the steps in order to help guide the assessor through the entire process
    • Preparation – how to take initial steps in designing the assessment, including the process and the desired objectives or outcomes for the assessment.
    • Barriers and Drivers – how to identify different motivations for developing energy communities, as well as how to assess the main barriers.
    • Potential – how to model potential scenarios for the development of RECs at the national level over time
    • Costs and Benefits – how to assess different environmental, energy system, economic and social impacts RECs have at the individual, community and societal level.
    • Policy Measures – how to identify and settle on policy measures in order to help develop RECs in line an evaluation of objectives, drivers, and potential impacts.
    • Monitoring and reporting - how to make sure the assessment process is not standalone, but a starting point for monitoring how enabling frameworks operate and may need to evolve over time.

Language: English


Access the model assessment here



27 OCTOBER 2023
Model Assessment of Potential and Barriers to the Development of Renewable Energy Communities at the National Level