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Energy Communities Repository

Technical assistance

What kind of support does the Repository offer?

Energy communities in the EU find themselves at very different stages in their development; some are informal groups that have just started thinking about the possibility of setting up an energy community, some are already established legal entities that only need a last bit of expert support to get their clean energy project over the finish line.

With this in mind, the Energy Communities Repository will provide different forms of support to at least 150 energy communities overall, taking into consideration the different needs of applicants:

Direct technical assistance

To at least 25 energy communities, in which experts provide days of expert support to the community.

National capacity building

Workshops and webinars held in local language in the following countries: Bulgaria, Greece, Czech Republic, Croatia (extension towards Serbia / Montenegro / Albania / Bosnia & Herzegovina), Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, targeting at least 80 communities.

Twinnings and peer-to-peer exchanges

On specific topics and issues faced by energy communities.

These activities will be complemented by EU-wide capacity-building webinars.

The deadline for applications has now passed. If you are interested in future opportunities for your urban energy community, please sign up for our newsletter here.

The Rural Energy Community Advisory Hub are providing support to rural based energy communities. The deadline to apply for assistance has also passed but you can sign up to their newsletter to hear about future opportunities for rural communities.


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