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News article2 September 20221 min read

New EEA report provides great overview of prosumption in Europe

EEA report on prosumption - Sept 2022

Prosumption exists in numerous types and forms. It can be only one household, a group of tenants in a multi-family building or an energy cooperative with participants from the local community. They can produce renewable electricity, heat or both, and some combine this with supporting the grid infrastructure or providing energy storage.

Prosumers can apply different ownership structures and business models, which may be run by volunteers or, in the case of larger projects, by paid staff. From a technical point of view, almost every citizen in the EU can become a prosumer.

A report by the European Energy Agency (EEA) published just yesterday, provides a broad overview of the topic of renewable energy prosumers in Europe. It explains why governments support this initiative, describes different types of prosumption and discusses the associated benefits and drawbacks. It also provides useful background information for the interested citizen and policymaker, as well as four case studies to inspire readers:

  • Som Energía: an energy community with more than 77,000 members in Spain
  • Schoonschip: a prosumer collective in the Netherlands
  • Hvide Sande Fjernvarme: consumer-owned district heating in Denmark
  • Compile — Luče: intelligent management of demand and supply in Slovenia.

Sounds interesting to you? Discover the full-text report on the EEA website!

Source and extract: European Energy Agengy


Publication date
2 September 2022