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News article21 February 2023Directorate-General for Energy

Get funds to replicate Smart Cities and Communities measures

City view from the sky

The second call for proposals for the Scalable Cities Action Grant is open until 31 May.

The Scalable Cities Action Grant is a financial tool to support the replication of measures already successfully tested in Smart Cities and Communities projects.

The second call for proposals, open until 31 May, addresses three main topics: 

  • Systemic changes in governance
  • Education, training and capacity building
  • Data and digitalization.

This call targets cities and related partners (local energy agencies, construction agencies, civil society organisations, research institutes) from completed Horizon 2020 SCC01 Lighthouse projects and/or external cities interested in replicating specific actions from those Scalable Cities projects.

This call seeks to:

  • improve and optimise internal city governance structures, and/or
  • support the transfer of knowledge from SCC projects to cities through the development and/or implementation of educational activities and programmes, and/or
  • accelerate the digitalization of the energy sector which can help municipalities to lower their energy consumption, stimulate investments in renewable energy and ultimately lower energy bills.

The total envelope available for the present call is EUR 336,000. The maximum grant amount for one project is EUR 50,000.

You will find all details and application documents on the Scalable Cities webpage here.


Publication date
21 February 2023
Directorate-General for Energy