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Energy Communities Repository
News article30 August 20231 min read

Curious about how Member States have developed legal frameworks for energy communities?

EU countries flags
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The Energy Communities Repository has collected data from the European Union Member States on their existing policies and regulations for energy communities in the context of the Clean Energy Package. The information is published in a centralized and openly accessible database.

Key features and benefits

In this database, for each country, you can access:

  • Definitions: The country fiches explain how each Member State has defined energy communities in its national law.
  • Rights and obligations: The database provides an overview of the rights and obligations of energy communities within member states.
  • Enabling framework: Member states showcase their approaches to legal, regulatory, and administrative frameworks that foster the growth of energy communities.
  • Barrier Assessment and Removal: The database points out whether Member States have conducted or planned an assessment of barriers and potential for the development of renewable energy communities
  • Support and financing schemes: The database showcases a diverse range of financial support mechanisms.

Countries in the spotlight

The first six countries published in the database are Estonia, France, Malta, Poland, Romania, and Cyprus.

More countries will be added to this database soon.

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Publication date
30 August 2023