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News article1 July 20221 min read

The Covenant of Mayors – Europe helps your municipality build an energy cooperation plan with the citizens!

Covenant of Mayors

The Technical Assistance programme of the Covenant of Mayors - Europe aims at supporting 10 municipalities under 50,000 inhabitants in the preparation and development of selected projects included in their Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans. For this year’s edition, the focus of the programme will be on community energy projects.

What will your municipality get from this programme?

10 selected municipalities will take part in 3 half-day online workshops with other municipalities and relevant experts. Given the focus of this year’s edition (i.e. community energy), the Covenant of Mayors is inviting selected municipalities to identify and involve representatives from local energy cooperatives/civil society organizations in this programme. The main outcome from this programme will be the development of a cooperation plan between the city and the civil society organization. The involvement of at least one representative from a local energy cooperative/civil society organization is a pre-requisite to participate in the programme.

The cooperation plan is an informal document outlining the concrete steps that both parties, the city, and the cooperative/civil society organization, intend to take within the defined timeframe to better support each other. The agreement can be seen as an informal plan to guide and inspire the cooperation of both parties. It can, for example, include the decision to hold a series of meetings, identify the foreseen fields of cooperation, the means, and resources that will be mobilized, etc.

These workshops will ensure that discussions highlight successful approaches and surface concrete challenges and opportunities to overcome them. The activities will be designed to let participants explore the basic elements needed to develop a joint and coordinated action plan between local, relevant civil society groups and cooperatives, local leaders and multiplier stakeholders involved in the energy transition.

How can a municipality apply?

If you are interested to join the programme, please express your interest directly to the coordinator of the programme in the Covenant of Mayors – Europe Office, via email: Thibaut Maraquin (thibaut [dot] maraquinateumayors [dot] eu (thibaut[dot]maraquin[at]eumayors[dot]eu))

Calendar of Workshops

Workshop #1: Getting to know each other – 13 September 2022

Workshop #2 – Cooperation lab – November (exact date tbd)

Workshop #3 – Follow-up event – early 2023 (exact date tbd)


Publication date
1 July 2022