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Welcome to our Toolbox! On this page, you will find a large variety of resources relating to energy communities - from technical reports and scientific studies through to podcasts, masterclasses and practical tools. Share your tools here!

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General guidelines | | Rural Energy Community Advisory Hub

A short and engaging start-up guide to empower citizens and guide them on the path to either joining or starting a successful rural energy community.

General guidelines | | Rural Energy Community Advisory Hub

This guidance provides you with an introduction to rural energy communities and the role of citizens in the energy system. It gives an overview of the current European energy market and explains the concept of energy communities, how they could fit within the system and why they are important.

General guidelines | | Clean energy for EU islands secretariat

This Handbook is an action- oriented guide to help islands navigate the transition toward clean energy. It follows a central methodology to cover ideas and projects in all stages of the clean energy transition. It also provides examples of European islands.

Routekaart | | Interreg NWE ECCO project

This calculator helps you get an understanding how feasible the cultivation of short rotation wood or the harvest of wood from your landscape will be for biomass projects.

Evaluation |

Energy Housing Assessment Tool - Providing neutral and easy-to-understand information on energy efficiency for non-experts to facilitate decisions, Integration of data from different administrations that helps decision-making.

Communication | | Clean energy for EU islands secretariat

Clean energy for EU islands published a series of podcasts regarding the story of local communities living on islands and their engagement in the clean energy transition.

General guidelines | | Instituto para la Diversificación y Ahorro de la Energía (IDAE)

This Guide describes the necessary steps for individual self-consumption installations as well as collective self-consumption installations according to Spanish regulation.

Communication | | Energy Cities

Miloslav Franek from the energy management department of Prague City Hall and Tereza Mc Laughlin Vanova from the Czech Association of Local Energy Managers reflect on the process of setting up the very first Czech energy community in the Czech capital.

Communication | | Energy Cities

What role does the city council play in an energy community? And how challenging is the cooperation between citizens and the administration? Perspectives from Claudia and Sara from Modena, Juan and Javier from Pamplona and Jaqui and Gerard from Strasburg.

Report | | Clean energy for EU islands secretariat

The Technology solutions booklet provides an overview of energy technologies that are currently commercially available for islands to advance in their clean energy transition.

Study | | IEECP

The study shows that the European Green Deal could deliver a fairer society and alleviate energy poverty, ensuring that the most vulnerable have access to clean, affordable heating and live in energy-efficient homes.